Everything you see in the world, you created it with your thoughts. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you are choosing your reality at every moment, however if you are not aware of it you are only repeating learned or inherited programs that are not yours.

How your MIND works?

Your mind is constituted by the conscious mind which is only 5% of your thoughts and your subconscious mind which is responsible for 95% of the 60,000 daily thoughts that your mind is reproducing each day.


The reason why it is not easy for people to achieve real change in their lives despite using their willpower, effort, and approach complemented by affirmations, decrees, visualizations, etc. is because they are only using 5% of the brain which is overshadowed by the mountain of the subconscious mind with its 95% which is responsible for repeating the programs that you have incorporated throughout your life, and send conditioned thoughts all the time to your mind automatically. So in this way it is almost impossible based only on intention and willpower to achieve tangible and rapid results. It is currently possible to create immediate changes at the quantum level. Do you want to know how?

How your PERSONAL REALITY is created?

Your thoughts derive in actions, and your actions repeated for a certain time create neural connections that form structures which we call habits, and those habits eventually create programs in your mind based on beliefs that you incorporated as truths.


So all your perception of reality is nothing more than a set of programs which you have learned, inherited, or repeated throughout your life. All these programs end up shaping your personality and identity, and finally your personality is what creates your personal reality.

How do you

How do you achieve a REAL TRANSFORMATION?

The way to transform your life and reprogram your subconscious mind to install automatic thoughts of Wealth, Love, Happiness, Peace, Success, Power, etc. at the speed of a quantum leap is through working the brain with Frequencies that transforms the plasticity of the subconscious mind at a quantum level.


The Brain Waves which allow us to modify the programs in the mind are ALPHA, THETA, DELTA and the recently discovered GAMMA frequency and the most powerful one that is called the superconsciousness. All these frequencies make it possible to modify your programs of scarcity, fear, difficulty, effort, struggle, sadness, etc. to literally eliminate those programs and choose like NEO in matrix new life experiences that resonate with your greater aspirations and dreams, such as success, fortune, wealth, love, genius, intelligence, peace, creativity, etc. .


The sound frequencies make it possible to modify the synaptic activity of the brain and change the programs that are in your subconscious mind. This makes it possible for your mind to automatically send you positive thoughts that enrich your life instead of doing the opposite, in this way you are using the powerful instrument that is your mind to use it to your advantage and not against you. Knowing that your thoughts are what create your reality makes you start to project a new reality in a simple and immediate way and that begins to manifest and materialize in a quantum, real way, what you want to experience in your life.

What does it
means to make a

What it means to make a QUANTUM LEAP?

What these Subliminal Programs of Quantum Reprogramming achieve is to change your notion of reality itself. You understand that it is no longer looking outside for what you want, it is no longer struggle for wealth, for love, etc. but rather it is to see it, to believe it and to experience it with your thoughts first in yourself, so that the quantum field manifests what you are already living in your internal world.


By projecting a new frequency things come to you; jobs, wealth, ideas, people, opportunities, love, etc. You become an orchestrator of reality because you understand that you do not have to look for anything outside, nor does it make sense to struggle for things, because they are simply projections that have first been seen and lived in your mind and that the quantum field has only created for you.


When you turn the switch on in your mind, the change is immediate, because in your subconscious there is neither time, nor space, nor difference between the physical reality and the imagination, everything is a quantum field of unlimited potentials happening under the direction of your thoughts, your beliefs and your programs. Your emotions and the desire that exists in you to experience those thoughts that you visualize, accelerates the speed in which the quantum field materializes everything for you, so it is very important that the subliminal quantum program that you choose, resonates with you, excites you and inspire you so that you can attract and create more exactly what you want.